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New MUSH - Dream Chasers

Hello folks!  Been a while, but I know a few of you still look at Livejournal from time to time.  A few friends and I are opening a new online text RP game called Dream Chasers, which is an blended theme game featuring Xenogears, Wild Arms, and Lunar.  We've a wordpress page where we're posting out developer diaries about the game, which will lead up to the game opening for guests in just under a month.  Please swing by to read if you are interested.

Although I tend to keep track of friends and comment more than I actually post anymore, I realized that about a month back my LJ ticked over to being 11 years old.

Good lord, where did the time go?

On Another Episode of Good Idea Bad Idea

Fun Things: Puppy getting a clean bill of health from the vet while taking her in for her 12 week boosters.

Less than Fun Things: Puppy throwing up for the first time in your car on the way back from the vet.


Ah well, she's a total sweetheart, and she doesn't eat strange things in the yard like the other dogs, so it wasn't horrid or stinky. Still not how you want to start your day.

Puppy continues to grow at a rapid pace. 24 lbs so far, so she's bigger than both of our other dogs now. Which is an amusing sight when she's on her back waving both of her paws at Nefret trying to get her to play.


Yeah, this will be puppy journal for a little bit, as most of my attention is focused on this little bit of cute that's living with us now. 6 weeks old, adorable, and very fond of gumming or nibbling on my fingers - that's Fiona. First night wasn't too bad - she was a bit restless, and was squirming around the bed for most of the night. She sleeps a decent amount still, but she's being a little more active and is getting along with the other dogs better than yesterday. First full day has definately been a bit better, and I think she's adjusting to the new situation well.

I think she wants to spend a bit more time with the other dogs though - hopefully Nefret will relax a bit and let Fiona hang out without giving her grief. Ramses seems to like her just fine so far, so it's just big sister who needs to finish warming up to the new puppy.

And because people love them, more puppy pictures.

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New Puppy!

And we have a new member of the family today - Fiona, our 6 week old Airedale puppy. She is very adorable - member of 'Dallas 13' (Dallas being the name of her mother, and 13 being the number of puppies in the litter.) She's been pretty tired today, and her new older siblings aren't sure what to make of her.

Overall, its pretty average new puppy procedure.

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The natural reminder!

Daylight savings time adjusts again today! Make sure that you update your clocks accordingly!


Arrived in Las Vegas. Heading over to Bally's now. Lemme know if you're here. Yes, you know who you are. :D

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And as if to add to the fun, it turns out that Grandpa has a tumor in his lungs as well. Treating it is not an option, as the chemotherapy would likely make the pneumonia kill him.


So just remains to be seen how long he has.

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Back home safe. None of the flights were bad, and we ended up getting in early in just about every instance. Neko was a blast, and I am really looking forward to the next get together in January.

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I blame kyootulu for this one. Idea for a crew member, but can also be applied elsewhere as well.

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